Move mindfully. Eat Intuitively.
Relax Intentionally. Live Joyfully.

Discover ALIGN

We are located in the center of the West End, Belle Meade, and Sylvan Park neighborhoods. The ALIGN concept integrates the mindful practices of movement, nutrition, and relaxation. 

We offer a comprehensive foundation of services from which to create a personalized program for every client regardless of age, level of health or level of fitness.

  • Classical Pilates for groups and individuals
  • Intuitive Eating Based Nutrition Coaching
  • Energy Alignment with Reiki 
  • Mindfulness Meditation 
  • Custom Massage Therapy
  • Medical Qigong and Tai Chi
  • Active Yoga
  • Workshops 

The friendly atmosphere at Align fosters encouragement and optimism. Our services are designed to bring balance, enhance health and improve the activities of daily living. The goal of each individual session is to ensure each client leaves feeling their best.

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Anti Inflammatory Lifestyle ALIGNmint

There is no better time or season to focus on an Anti Inflammatory lifestyle. From The Peach Truck to numerous weekly farmers markets, fresh, local harvest are parked on every corner. We can even walk to several markets on Saturday mornings with our eco-friendly bags in hand. Fruits, vegetables, corn, sustainable eggs & meat, and whole grain bakeries are at our fingertips. All characteristic of the anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Jump into Summer Activity with Align Wellness Studio

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