Welcoming The New

The Winter holidays are over and most of us are back into our always hectic but more usual routines at work, home, and school. This is the time of year when we see many new faces at Align. Freshly launched into the new year, so many have set their sights on adopting a healthier lifestyle habits.

We are doing the same thing at ALIGN Wellness Studio, for ourselves and our clients. We are working on a fresh nutrition habits including a higher intake of anti-inflammatory foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids, lowering gluten consumption and choosing grass-fed, wild caught, cage free animal protein sources. Look for an upcoming workshop on the importance of food balance and mindfulness in the nutritional prevention of inflammatory conditions.

We are investigating new ways to challenge ourselves and our clients in Pilates classes using foam rollers, Ron Fletcher towel routines, weights and kettlebells. We have added Sunday Pilates classes and two new Yoga classes. We are working on scheduling a 90 minute cardio Pilates tower class.

Reiki Attunement weekends will be added to our upcoming events calendar. Look out for that if you have ever thought about becoming a Reiki practitioner for self healing and the treatment of others.

As we add and change our repertoire at ALIGN Wellness Studio for all of our clients, old and new, we always endeavor to be clear about the importance of consistency in facilitating change in your level of fitness. Be patient with yourself. Everyone begins at the beginning. Our bodies change only when we are determined, consistent and responsible for participating in regular workouts. The best exercise is done with enjoyment, so choose an activity that you really love!
When making nutritional changes, awareness is the key. There are so many yummy ways to nourish your body without feeling deprived. Our philosophy is about mindful choices to enhance the enjoyment of your beautiful life.

Happy New Year! We love being your partner in wellness.