Our Story

Align co-founders Luci Crow MS, RD, and Mary Ann Stuart got acquainted during the year-long Power Pilates certification process. It was a bonding experience for the whole group, the first in Nashville to be trained by the New York based classical Pilates establishment.  Luci and Mary Ann continued to nurture their friendship based on mutual goals and interests. They had fun together and appreciated what each brought to the relationship. It became obvious that the two would eventually create something together, brainstorming several ideas which did not quite have the energy they were after.

    Time passed and though both women realized they had wanted to grow the Pilates business with an expansion of ideas and modalities. Luci set out on her own, looking for a place to start her nutrition therapy practice. Mary Ann had been studying Reiki, integrating it with Pilates, and intensifying her meditation and self-healing practice.  After some investigation, Luci asked Mary Ann to think about going into a small space together to bring nutrition, Pilates, and energy therapy together.

    The seed was planted and as the search for the perfect location continued, the ideas began to pick up speed. By the time Crow and Stuart visited the space that is now ALIGN, they had decided to create a wellness studio, with a balanced approach to modern fitness and healthy living.
    ALIGN incorporates a state of the art Pilates Studio including 3 reformers, cadillac, chairs, and a classroom with six tower/mat units and space for yoga instruction. The ALIGN conference room is Powerpoint ready and can accommodate 12 participants in nutrition consults, therapy and group classes. The ALIGN vision is to grow a community classroom offering conversation, lectures and workshops that are attractive to all seekers of information about balanced lifestyle choices.
The spacious massage room is a serene oasis where two therapists offer therapeutic and relaxing massage  as well as Reiki energy sessions.
ALIGN offers classes and private instruction in Reiki and meditation.

    Luci and Mary Ann have a shared vision and a common goal for ALIGN. “We want everyone who walks in to the studio to feel welcome. It can be intimidating to initiate major changes, but everyone starts at the beginning, be it changes in eating habits, taking time for self-care or exercise. We want to foster an atmosphere of encouragement for people of all ages, and all levels of health and fitness.”