Testimonials and Reviews from Happy Clients

Practicing pilates  with  Mary Ann has been a life-changing experience for me.  Having a baby at 40 coupled with a serious heart condition,  I am very thankful I had started my journey to better health  the prior year.  ALIGN offered the multiple discipline approach I needed.

During recovery from open heart surgery, Mary Ann customized ALIGN’s services (Reiki & Pilates) to meet my personal wellness needs.  At the same time, Luci & I worked to customize food choices that would improve and support my health, but not restrict me from my favorite indulgences.  

The combined approach decreased my recovery time & allowed me to get back to life!  I am now a healthy Mom, chasing my toddler, and feeling stronger and healthier.  Thanks to Mary Ann, I look & feel better in my 40’s than I did in my 20’s.

I am excited to be friends and a client of professionals who take a personal interest in my well-being.  ~ Courtney Fitzgerald

No matter how I feel when I come in, I always feel better when I leave.  ~ Denise Alper

I was worried before my knee replacement that I would  not be strong enough to do the rehab exercises, instead I was amazed how much pilates  actually supported my rehab efforts and helped me to achieve a greater overall healthier body.  Sometimes,  I  still don’t really want to “exercise”,  but after a session with Luci , I always feel so much better, stronger and energized.  ~ Trudy Papuchis, MD