Our Food Philosophy: Eat for Energy and Enjoyment

Our Food Philosophy is simply to make peace with food and reject the diet mentality; to honor your body’s signals of hunger and fullness to determine when and how much you eat; and to embrace and accept that you don’t have to have a perfect body to enjoy or be rewarded with perfect health. 


How is the food you eat today going to fuel your energy needs to accomplish the activities that you need to do and the activities you want to do with just the right balance.   Honoring your hunger and fullness balance includes selecting foods that meet your sensory needs for taste, texture, variety, and satiety which truly allow you enjoyment of  life, family, friends, & work without the burden of diet restrictions and rules.

We dont count calories, carbohydrates or fat.

We dont require you to weigh, measure or confess.

We dont reprimand or require that you find remorse for eating ANYTHING. 

Eating is not a crime therefore, guilty cannot be the outcome.

We use Intuitive and Mindfulness practices to help you discover the perfect amount of food to fuel the life that you lead.  We offer individual and group classes as well as telephone and email consults.  We strive to give you the flexibility and guidelines needed to put you on a path that heals your relationship with food and allows you to rediscover the pleasure of eating without judgement.


We offer private nutrition coaching in lasting nutritional solutions.  Your sessions are based on your goals.  

We focus on intuitive eating skills emphasizing your nutritional needs including: IBS, Cholesterol, Weight Management, and Food Sensitivites.

Initial 90 minute Consult = $125

55 minute Follow = $70

8/55 minute Sessions = $450

Sunday March 10
Mindful & Mediterranean Meal Planning with Luci Crow (register)
10-11:30am                        $25/class

This 90 minute workshop introduces three principles to begin a mindful eating practice integrated with a simple guide to Mediterranean meal planning to reduce inflammation and refocus on whole food choices.  

Luci Crow, MS, RD is registered dietitian and practitioner of mindful eating trained as a facilitator for 
Am I Hungry as well as intensive programs with registered dietitian and author of Intuitive Eating, Evelyn Tribole, MS,RD.