Movement Therapy in Nashville

“Movement heals”. The words of Joseph Pilates echo at the heart of the Align Wellness Studio philosophy of making mindful choices for a healthy lifestyle. When our bodies are fit our emotions are more balanced, our minds are keener, and we move through our daily lives with more confidence. Regular physical activity is necessary for the optimal health of body, mind, and spirit.

Establishing a routine of regular, enjoyable physical exercise contributes positively to healthy weight maintenance, replacing fat with calorie burning, efficient muscle. A healthy exercise program is essential in building bone density, increasing flexibility and keeping joint mobility. Physical training strengthens the immune system and reduces emotional stress.

With the appropriate body conditioning program, people of all ages can return to better agility, balance, stamina and stability, regardless of previous health challenges or injuries. After physical therapy, a commitment to an ongoing program of regular exercise is crucial to maintaining strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

From the elegant and ingenious balance of pure studio Pilates, to the skillfulness and flexibility in action of Yoga, to the graceful, healing movement of Tai Chi and Medical Qigong, Align Wellness Studio brings you multilayered choices for designing your own embodiment of true wellness.

Move mindfully, live joyfully!