Relax Intentionally

   While there is nothing like a good strong workout to burn off tension and stress, sometimes we must relax with intention and purpose.
     Work, family, social functions, volunteering, emotional-physical health issues and deadlines are only a few in a litany of reasons that we need to make soul loving space for ourselves. 
     At  Align Wellness Studio, we believe that allowing for purposeful relaxation is key to creating a foundation for wellness. Our lives are alarmingly busy.
Although technology has made it possible for us to accomplish more in smaller increments of time and space, we stay plugged in 24/7. We over obligate or say yes too often when our hearts may say otherwise, creating situations within our relationships that can sometimes leave us feeling drained. Even with positive changes our bodies can experience stress. Our cortisol levels chronically skyrocket and beneath the surface we begin to develop physical and mental symptoms related to stress. 
     Align Wellness Studio offers several choices in ways to reduce stress and get down to the business of self care through relaxation therapy. We recognize that a balanced mind body connection is crucial to overall health and wellness.
     The benefits of bodywork and touch therapies are undeniable. 
Reiki, or healing touch, is an effective complementary treatment. Reiki is being recognized with increasing respect in medical communities worldwide. Align Wellness Studio is devoted to professionalism in the use of Reiki as a complementary therapy. Our sessions are conducted in our massage room with soft lighting and peaceful music, designed to transport our clients into a tranquil, self healing state of mind and body. 
     Massage therapy can be a powerful resource in your health care regime or as a luxurious pampering treat, reducing stress, managing pain, and keeping muscle tissues healthy and flexible. Traditional Swedish Massage, Connective Tissue Release, and Craniosacral Therapy are a few of the modalities offered at Align Wellness Studio. Our LMT will work with each client to create a customized program.
     Meditation, since antiquity, has been practiced as a spiritual or religious discipline. In the practice of sitting quietly in meditation, we connect with our inner selves, or, who we truly are. This practice continues today. The reasons for learning to meditate in modern times are highly individual. For some, it is still a deeply religious practice, but now we are aware of the physiological, emotional, mental, and creative benefits of meditation. Research shows that meditation lowers blood pressure, releases stress, reduces anxiety, increases mental awareness, and promotes the freeing of creative and artistic processes.
We are becoming more and more aware of the importance of mindfulness and self awareness as a part of living a satisfactory life. Meditation is mindfulness. 
     Start today! Align Wellness Studio is ready to assist you in learning to stay in the moment, reduce stress in mind and body, and make mindfulness the heart of your healthy life.